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Customer Reviews

Absolutely love their products and have been a faithful customer for many years. My absolute favorite scent is the dragons blood. Thank you for your products keep up the great work!

Jenn - Ore City, Texas


So far, I love it. I especially feel the Hemp Soap when I rub some on my solar plexus, let it sit and dry at least 10 minutes before shower. It's some guuud stuff. Lol!!

Trev - Charlotte, North Carolina


Caruso Soap Company, WOW I can't say enough good things about her products. I've tried several of the soaps, the deodorant, the butter, lip balm and I am totally satisfied. I use them on a daily basis and don't worry about any adverse effects to my health or body. I have rheumatoid arthritis and back spurs. I have used almost every kind of pain pill and rub over the last 15 years and nothing has helped, until I was introduced to the Flex Salve, boy it has been a Godsend to me. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you, I rub it on and within 5 minutes the pain is gone. It's amazing to me, I keep a tin on hand at all times. If you have pain anywhere, I dare you to try it.

Anna - Cheraw, South Carolina

Loved the natural deodorant. No aluminum. Love that it doesn't contain any soda, so my arm pits aren't burning or discoloring. It works well. Even in this crazy NC summer heat! We're also going to try some of your men's soaps with this order!

Deborah - Raleigh, North Carolina

Soap products are of the best quality. Nice fragrance and long lasting. Bath bombs are awesome! I will be a regular customer!

Mindy - Leesburg, Georgia

We love the deodorant and can’t live without it!! I also love the lipstick and the soap.

Jacquelyn - La Mesa, California


I LOVE Caruso soap, not only because it is a business owned and operated by my favorite cousin, but because they are amazing products and my skin is soooo much better after using her soaps. The BLACK SOAP is amazing!

Louvenia - Charlotte, North Carolina

I absolutely love your products!! The scents are phenomenal and I get compliments all the time. I also love that the ingredients are clean. I definitely continue to order from here!

Amanda - Sacramento, California

It smells great, lathers well, lasts a long time, and is kind to my ridiculously sensitive skin. Thank you!

Suzanne - San Diego, California

Absolutely love this brand; it’s the only body balm I use since it’s all natural, preserved well and long lasting. One can really tell these are only high quality essential oils and not synthetic or processed due to their lingering yet subtle aroma. Please wow yourself and get the lemon/rose mix- I literally get stopped by people asking me ‘what are you wearing?!! It smells like a spa. And it also layers very nicely with any other designer fragrances I use.

Natashia - Solana Beach, California

The deodorant really works well and it smells nice.

Jacquelyn - La Mesa, California

Love their products! They smell fabulous and the fragrance lasts a long time on your body.

Terry - Temecula, California



Caruso soaps came recommended very highly to me by my cousin who lives in San Diego and my niece here in NY. Both raved about the shampoo/conditioner combo, so I had to try it. The product says on the label that it’s for dry hair so against all my better judgment I bought it.

I have curly hair. It’s long and thick and can get nappy, especially underneath. So I’m always looking for hair products that provide extra conditioning. This product was terrible. It left my hair so dry I couldn’t get my fingers through it. It was awful. I used it once and will never use it again.

I also bought the deodorants: regular and max. My question to you is, why would you make a deodorant that someone would have to rub their fingers into and spread on their underarms? If you could put the deodorant into a flat tin, why wouldn’t you just put it into a bar you could apply directly to your underarm.


If it wasn’t so much trouble, I would have returned all of these products to you. Instead, I just threw everything in the garbage and chalked up the $50+ I spent to a lesson learned.

Anie Gonzalez - West Babylon, New York



Thank you for your comments. We regret that the 3In1 Shampoo/Conditioner bar did not live up
to your expectations. We will note for newbies in the future, to use the 3In1 Shampoo/Conditioner
bar continuously for at least a month (6-8 washes in one month); to see any change that will
naturally occur for hair that is damaged from using commercial products (containing SLS). We
will also note, that the 3In1 Shampoo/Conditioner bar will not repair damaged hair. You will need
to use heavy conditioners/oils to repair the damage.


The Baking Soda-Free Natural Deodorant is sold in a “2 Oz. Tin”. The description states it is
a “2 Oz. Tin” and it is pictured as a “2 Oz. Tin”. We are happy that it worked for you, when you
used it. Please do not throw away products. Give them to your cousin and niece, who absolutely adored the products. As you know, this will save the environment from waste. Thank you for your suggestion of a deodorant bar. We will hold on to the suggestion for future generations.



Caruso Soap


I’ve been meaning to post about one of the latest miracles in my life...a Natural Deodorant that actually works!!! I met @carusosoap at the @delmar_farmersmarket about two months ago. I bought a couple of delicious homemade soaps from her (Man Cave is amazing) and to my surprise when I got home, I noticed she had gifted me a sample of her natural deodorant in a cute little tin. My first thought was “nahhh” but then a couple weeks later, I gave it a try and let me tell you...not only does it work exceptionally well, I once again have my adolescent underarms!!! Gone are the dark underarms from using baking soda deodorants that burn my underarms and cause dead skin to build up. My underarms are so smooth and happy! Now that I’ve met up with her and restocked, I’m wanting everyone to know about her products. She’s a beautiful human, who simply enjoys her craft! You won’t be disappointed.

Lizasd - San Diego, California

Caruso soaps are the best we have found for my husband’s shaving. Shaving soap is hard to find and expensive, when you do. Caruso’s shaving soap makes frothy tiny bubbles, perfect for shaving.

Mary - El Cajon, California


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this skin care and soap product line! It is absolutely amazing!!! Especially my two fave body balms that I mix to create my very own ‘signature’ scent- Lemon And Sensuous Rose; people literally stop me in the streets to ask me what I’m wearing. It is made with pure and high quality ingredients, I can tell by how my body reacts to it. My husband loves the muscle salve and he’s a verrrrry picky consumer; but he frequently grabs it to use on sore tendons, back and deltoid area, after his sports practices. Thanks so much for creating this perfection that I can enjoy daily - if I’m out of it or if/when it is out of stock (Thank Goodness usually just briefly!) I go through serious withdrawals.

Natashia - Solana Beach, California


I adore the Black African Soap. My face has never felt so soft and clean. I will never buy another face wash. Nothing compares. I am a customer of Caruso Soap for life!

Tina - San Diego, California

You let me try a sample of your FLEX Sore Muscle Salve on my swollen hands at the St. Patrick's Church Fall Festival. After ten minutes, the swelling went down and I was amazed. So I bought your Hemp soap and FLEX. After using it for a while, I went to my Physical Therapy session and he noticed a HUGE improvement in my range of motion and flexibility! I gave him your number and he's ordering some for his mom.

Susan - Carlsbad, California


I don't know why Caruso, because he was a great singer, but this soap is a great soap, that you owe  yourself to try.

David - San Diego, California

I used your Baby Balm to help get rid of cradle cap on my baby's head. I put the balm on her head and the next day, the cradle cap was gone. It worked really fast.

Paula - San Diego, California


I with my wife - have been using Caruso Soap for over a year, and I'm here to give a long term review. These products are top of the line. The Black African Soap is my favorite. As an Herbalist and Nutritionist, I tend to pay attention to my body and can definitely say from my addition to everything else it does, this soap pulls waste out of the skin, scalp and body! I began using it on my hair as well as my body and noticed an immediate difference in how my scalp felt. The quality of my skin, hair and scalp have really improved because of this soap! It's worth every penny! These are excellent products.
Thank you Caruso Soap for your attention to detail and all of the great energy you put into your products.

Sentwali & Soha - San Antonio, Texas

Best soap and deodorant ever!

loreleis_closet - San Diego, California

Your Babassu Olive Shampoo bar is wonderful. It leaves my hair conditioned, shiny and manageably thickened. I am a sixty something with very fine hair. I was surprised and I will buy again. Thanks!

Sarah - San Diego, California

I purchased your soaps a few weeks ago at a street fair in Escondido. I absolutely loved your soaps!!

Kristina - Escondido, California

Thank you for being at our Spring Craft Fair! My friend Re-Al, really liked your pain-relief cream. I love my handmade soaps from you!

Debra - San Diego, California

Caruso, so is the best! I only use her soap, because after getting other soaps and comparing them to soaps at Whole Foods and other places...which sell health oriented products. The difference is the heart and soul she puts in her products. Something very special about Caruso Soaps! Thank you again for making the best soaps we have ever put on our skin.
Soha & Sentwali - San Antonio, Texas


Caruso Soap makes amazing chap stick!!! It last and you don't need that much as it keeps you lips super moisturized. Thank you!

Julie - Aurora, Colorado


Love these soaps! So natural and love the scents and the feel of them. I bought the deodorant and it lasts so long. I've had it for months and it works so well. The quality of these products are great. I truly recommend them. The owner/maker is so sweet and helpful. You'll definitely enjoy these products like I have!
Brook Lyn - San Diego, California


This is the best soap we've experienced. Amazing results. Feels great and very therapeutic. Skin feels smooth and supple after bathing with her soap. Previously we only used castle soap, but now have made a permanent switch. We'll be ordering more very soon. Gratitude for this amazing soap.
Soha & Sentwali - San Antonio, Texas


Pepper Mint Scrub: OH MY!!! Used the scrub tonight after a long day at the office. This makes your skin feel absolutely amazing. Smooth, soft and refreshed. Once I got out of the shower, my skin felt was the coolest feeling. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Jessica - Aurora, Colorado


Baby Balm is amazing!!!!!!! My poor baby's butt was so red and it cleared it up in a day. Love, love, love it!! Thank you. So much better than Desitin. Hate that stuff after using your product.

Jessica - Aurora, Colorado


Amazing Lavender Scrub! Makes my skin feel soft, smooth and refreshed!! The smell is wonderful and very fresh.

Jessica - Aurora, Colorado


As a first time mom, I read reviews about many nipple creams. The best one out there per the internet was Lanolin. While in the hospital, I used Lanolin and my breast were cracking and so sore. There was no change, so when I got out of the hospital...I grabbed the Nipple Balm and all I can say is AMAZING! In one day of using the nipple balm, my breast were no longer cracking...they had returned back to normal. I use it after breastfeeding and pumping!! I have recommended it to a friend of mine that is breastfeeding and another that is trying to get pregnant now. I told them to don’t waste their money on the store cream, go with this all-natural balm.

Jessica - Aurora, Colorado


Love your soap! My husband and I have been using your products for well over a year now and love them. Recently, we went on vacation and forgot to pack any of your soap. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Every soap we used on the road either left my skin horribly dry or covered with some oily residue. I didn't feel clean again until I got home and used your Pure & Clean. Thanks for making such a wonderful product...keep up the great work!

Dianne - San Diego, California


Thank you for the yummy smelling and FEEL WONDERFUL soap! I will be a long standing customer, because my skin has never felt healthier than with  your creations. Your generosity and joy always run over the top! Thank you again!!

Karen - San Diego, California


I am just able to visit your site and I am so impressed with the choices I did not know about! I love all the soaps I've used so far. I love the rich lather and the clean rinse. Thank you CarusoSoap! Great job!

LouVenia - Charlotte, North Carolina


I was on a bus tour going to see a play before Easter. We made a Comfort Stop. I got off the bus, crossed the street and used the bathroom at a local hamburger place. The bathroom was crowded as usual during these stops. By the time I made my way to the sink, they ran out of soap and paper towels. The bathroom attendee was putting more paper towels in the dispenser. So I pulled out my Soap on the Go, since I was already standing in front of the bathroom sink. I swiped my hands, wet, lather and rinsed. The other ladies standing around me wondered how I managed to get soap. I pulled out my travel soap and shared it with them. I dried my hands and used the Butter Me Up! next. After everyone was back on the bus, my seatmate asked me what I did for a living, because I have young looking hands. I told her I'm a Soap Maker. Then she wanted to know where I got that cream soap in a tube. I told her I made it. I gave her some business cards and we started talking about the women in her family who use to make soap. It was a very interesting conversation. All in all, about 6-7 women were talking about Soapers and soaping. I made new friends and gleamed a lot of information.

Alexis - San Diego, California


I was at a conference last week. One on my sisters who roomed with me forgot her moisturizer for her legs. I let her use some of my Butter Me Up!. She was really impressed with how her skin looked after using my body balm. She wanted to know what store I had bought it from. I told her to buy this from Caruso Soap. Anywhere else is a rip off! She wanted to take my 8 oz. jar home with her. So I let her have it. I'm diabetic and we have very dry, flaky skin. On my last few doctor visits, my doctor commented on how moisturized and smooth my legs and feet were. He has never seen a diabetic's skin look that good. I told him about Caruso Soap, too!

Dorothy - Charlotte, North Carolina


My dad saw me using your Butter Me Up! on my feet, while at his house waiting for my husband to arrive. He asked to use some BMU! on his arms and legs. Then he put some on his hair. He looked like a new person. I haven't seen my Butter Me Up! since then.

Shalinda - San Diego, California


I like that Honey Butter! It feels all nice and buttery, but it rinses clean.

LouVenia - Charlotte, North Carolina


I have tried the Black African soap and I definitely like it. The Butter Me Up! was good but I am using it sparingly, because I don't have much of it. I really like the Soap Cozies and the LipLoc Lip Balm is good, too!

Anna - Charlotte, North Carolina


I just wanted to let you know, I ran out of your Shaving soap. I had to use shaving cream from a can. OMG! WOW...what a difference! I noticed the difference during and after the shave. It was NOT a smooth, close shave and my face itched all day long. It felt irritated. I'm really glad that I bought 2 more shaving soaps. Don't plan to run out again.

David - San Diego, California


I've never cared one way or the other about shaving soap. It was all the same to me. I've been shaving for years. Shaving Soap is shaving soap. I received you Shaving soap and tried it. WOW! I love it. That says a lot for me. Skin feels great, moisturized and close shave! After the shave and throughout the day, I noticed that my face was NOT tight, itchy and burning! WOW! I really love it. And my wife loves how my face feels!!! I spread the word when I see guys with irritated faces. Thanks!

Randy - Charlotte, North Carolina


I use the Butter Me Up! in a different way. I'm a runner. On those really cold days, I rub on some Butter Me Up!, go out and run! Something in the butter insulates my legs and arms. It helps to keep them nice and warm against that cold morning weather! Keep up the good work.

Also, your Shaving Soap is great! It feels good on the skin and you get a  smooth, close shave without the burn. I bought 2 more shaving soaps. Don't want to run out of it! Spread the word!

Robert, Jr. - Charlotte, North Carolina


Thanks! Your Shaving Soap is great! My skin feels great. Not tight, itchy and burning. I get a really nice smooth, close shave. I love the Lemon Poppy Seed soap. It is really nice, too! Bought another bar of your Black African soap. Love how that feels.

Charles - San Diego, California


Love how your Pure & Clean makes my skin feel. The water just sheets off of my body!! That's a good thing. I feel really clean. The Butter Me Up! feels really nice too. It just ALL works together!!!

Barry - San Diego, California


I received a gift set that included Pure & Clean, Butter Me Up!, 3In1 Conditioner, and a couple of tubes of LipLoc Lip Balm.

Pure & Clean: That soap is great, of course. Feeling clean and it rinses well off you skin. No tight itchy, burning feeling afterwards. It cleared up my acne! I love that you smell so clean and fresh after your shower. Great for those with sensitive skin!

Butter Me Up!: It is mind-blowing! Something in it evened out my skin tone, moisturize my skin and I DID NOT feel greasy or sticky! It's good stuff! I shared my jar with my daughter who has sensitive skin and she loves it. WOW!

Liploc Lip Balm: Amazing, it did not just sit on my lips, it immediately melted in and started moisturizing my lips! My chapped lips are soft and moisturized. My lips have never looked this great! What's in this stuff, it works!!

3In1 Conditioner: My hair feels good! We have hard water and my hair feels so soft. Love it!

Angie, Gail, Patty, Ursula, Pam, Brenda, Bertha, Carol, Bridgette, Frances & Ann - San Diego, California


I have Rosacea on my face and on my scalp. I have to tell you that your Coconut Milk Shampoo bar has helped to soothe my scalp a lot. My scalp is not irritated, itchy and raw feeling. My hair feels clean, it looks great and my scalp has not felt this good in a long time. My face looks great. My skin glows in a healthy way. Thanks!

Amber - San Diego, California


Thanks! I heard about you through a friend from church. We were working together on a ministry and at the end she used a soap scrub on her hands. Ursula gave a great recommendation about your soaps, so I wanted to try them for myself.

I've tried them! I love it, my husband loves it, my daughters loves it!!! The Body Balm in the kit is awesome. You feel moisturized, but NOT greasy. The wool Soap Cozies is great! I can see and feel the complexion on my skin smoothing out. I use nothing else but Caruso Soap. Thanks!

Cecelia - San Diego, California


Love the new Shaving Soap! It has a mild smell. A very smooth glide with the razor; it made my skin soft and moist but firm. The effects of the shave last days, instead of hours. My wife really likes how my face feel! According to her, we can snuggle longer without me scratching her up. Please add a manly smell, but just a little.

Matt - Imperial Beach, California


I love your soaps! But my next door neighbor...really likes how the Limoné smells on me!

Corinne - Charlotte, North Carolina


That's some really nice soap. I like it. I gave a bar of soap to one of my sons and he liked it!

Nellie - San Diego, California


Like the amount of suds and it's soft and creamy. The cake is long-lasting. Pure & Clean soap feels good on the skin. Bottom line...we really like the soap! If the soap was sold in the store, we would buy it.

Janie - Indianapolis, Indiana


​One of my friends (Cheryl), used part of my Soapnuts Shampoo bar and she loved it! She said it cleans her hair after all of the products she uses and she will use it every other day!

Jessica - Aurora, Colorado


I've been bathing with the Soap and I gotta say...I like it a lot! It's smooth, creamy & very light on my skin. I'm so accustomed to the everyday fragrances and heavy perfumes in soaps that my first impression was...I don't know...I don't smell anything. But, after I used it and again the next day...and now a week later. I'm a satisfied customer.

I gave a couple of products to my homeless friend who needed the facial soap and one other (I forgot). She really enjoyed the facial soap because she wears makeup daily and it's so gentle on her beautiful, brown skin in getting the dirt out of her pores and leaving her skin radiant.​

​Sounds like I'm doing a commercial right?! Anyhoo, I just thought I'd give you a shout out -- you know we're quick to complain and let the world know; so I'm going to be quick to praise you and let the world know. Job Well Done!!

Bridgette - San Diego, California

We can't thank you enough for your generous gifts! Our skin will be shinning, soft, moist and loveable! You are an angel with a shining light and huge heart.

Shannon, Patricia, Karen & Amber - San Diego, California​   


Thank you very much for the soap and for your kindness. I hope your business go far!​

Gail - San Diego, California


OMG! I used the Purple Horizon soap and I LOVE IT!

Leslie - LaVeen, Arizona


Thank you for the soap. I am using it and it is as good as advertised. Wishing you great success!​

Jim - San Diego, California

I really like that Shaving Soap! My face is noticeably softer, the shave last 2-3 days and my face feels great afterwards! My wife REALLY loves how my face feels! WOW!

I really like the Soapnuts Shampoo Bar. It makes my hair feel soft and easy to comb.

We got your soap! My wife started using it and now we are customers. She loves it so much. She has really sensitive skin and for her to like it, it means a LOT! She's going to send her friend, who also has sensitive skin too, a bar to try. Thanks so much for the soap.

David - San Diego, California​​


The 3In1 Conditioner, I didn't know it was for the hair, until after it was almost gone. Don't laugh at me,
but it worked well on my skin too. LOL! And the Pure & Clean is good!

Angie - San Diego, California


Love this Shaving Soap! Helped the soap mixtress in crafting this product for the men; who use a shaving puck, brush and a razor. It's a winning combination.

The Pure &'s good. It's very good. Your skin feels clean, not tacky and dry.​ Keep up the good work!

Robert, Sr. - Charlotte, North Carolina

That soap is wonderful!!! It smells so fresh and clean. The Christmas bar is really nice. I like the way it makes the bathroom smell nice. It's just wonderful!!​

Dorothy - Charlotte, North Carolina

My wife is using the vegan soap. She likes so far!!

Thornton - San Diego, California

I give it a BIG thumbs up!!

Barbara - Charlotte, North Carolina​

My wife loves this soap, I love this soap. Thanks!​

K.C. - San Diego, California

I originally bought this soap for my wife, because she has very sensitive skin. But after I got home from church, I washed my face using the Pure & Clean. I rinsed and dried my face. I noticed that my face DID NOT feel all tight and dry, you know...that burning, itchy feeling from really dry skin. Oh yeah...did I say that my wife really loves this soap!!

Mark - San Diego, California​


Niko and I are IN LOVE with Amazonian Butters! Need lot of that! I'm using Sensuous Black Rose and that lather is awesome. With us both using them, we are going through them quickly!

Got my soaps today!!! Woooooooooow!! It was very nice!! Loved the lemon scent. That is the only one I've tried so far!!

Wow!! How did you get the Amazonian Butter soap to lather like that??!! Love it!! My skin feels wonderful!!

Louvenia - Charlotte, North Carolina

Love the Shaving Soap! Skin is noticeably smoother after 2 shaves. Smooth glide, good shaving lather on my face. Hope the next edition of Shaving soaps give a cooling effect, like mint or menthol...adding some type of manly scent as a option would also be nice.

Caruso Soap is great! Their Pure & Clean leaves me smelling fresh and clean, and doesn't dry out my skin - even in the cold of winter!

Robert, Jr - Charlotte, North Carolina

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much for the soap! I tried the soap for the hair, I forgot which one because you sent me two. It was fine; but the conditioner soap is GREAT! My hair is so soft and less breakage in my comb. And I don’t have to use a lot of extra product in my hair. IT is Great!!! I also tried the Amazonian Butter soap, great lather, it feels like a light exfoliant. This soap plus the crème is great for the skin, especially the face. Keep up the GREAT work!! And Thanks again!

Ursula - San Diego, California

I have to tell you that your Lavender soap is a "healing soap". I had a bump on my face that healed up after using your soap. Thanks!

That Pure & Clean soap is a miracle!!! You feel so clean and fresh all day long!

PattyB - San Diego, California

Love the Shaving Soap! Smells clean. Abundant lather and a smooth glide, while shaving. Skin feels good afterwards. LOL! I love these soap products, they make me smell fresh all day long and rinse off completely, not leaving my skin feeling flaky and dry.

Clarence - Aurora, Colorado

You make good soap. I like it. Keep it up!​

Bertha - San Diego, California

Using the Soap Cozies with your soap, helps exfoliate the dead skin cell and stimulate the top skin layer. Then add the Body Balms or lotions, it really great!

Mud&Clay: That Mud&Clay shampoo bar is wonderful. It cleaned the scalp really nicely.

​Christmas Splendor: The great smell of hot cider & scented pine cones is perfect for my husband; it is like sleeping with Christmas.

Pure & Clean: This is my everyday bar; it has less suds and rinses clean while leaving my skin moist.​

Limoné: This is my hand washing soap; my guest love to wash their hands with it, and I love the smell. It is refreshing and energizing.

Shalinda - Imperial Beach, California

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