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We Believe...

At Caruso Soap, we believe in the power of rich creamy lather.


We believe that soap should both nourish and hydrate while rinsing deliciously clean in any water anywhere on the planet...hard water be damned!


We want to live in a world where labels say what they really mean. Where the small pleasures of life are celebrated and you always get what you pay for.


We refuse to believe that fake detergent bars are the answer. We refuse to perpetuate the norm of soap that leaves skin feeling flaky, dry, tight, itchy and burning. Who has time for that?


Instead, we choose to craft 100% natural soaps made with real ingredients that work with your body’s natural chemistry. The kind that infuses your morning bathing ritual with exotic aromas and natural ingredients you can actually pronounce. The kind that make you scamper out of the covers and into the shower so you can kick-start every day in style.


Join us as we battle hard water and reinvent your morning shower!


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