Prevention starts with our team. We have made it a point to follow the CDC's guidelines regarding keeping our warehouse and workplace safe. To help prevent the potential spread of the virus, we are encouraging any member of our team who feels sick to stay home. 


  • Many of the markets/festivals/fairs/bazaars and conferences that we planned to attend in 2020 and mid to late 2021 were CANCELLED.
    2021 Update: All events for now, have been Cancelled. We made it through 2020.
    We navigated the pandemic by Staying Home and Staying Safe in 2021.
    2022 Update: All events for now again, have been Cancelled. Still navigating through the most recent variant of COVID-19 (Omicron).

  • Consider placing orders online. We love it when customers visit us at our farmers markets and events, but during this time...we kindly urge you to place your orders online.
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Thank you for your patience and understanding during these uncertain times. We are making every effort we can to keep our customers and our team healthy.


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